10 Reasons Why I Like Twiducate

Today I came across a great social networking tool for classrooms called Twiducate (http://twiducate.com).   I tried it out with a group of 8th graders.  They loved it, and so do I!   Here’s why …

1. Teacher has full control, even over student passwords.
2. Posts are private – seen only by classmates and teacher.
3. It’s possible to do threaded posts, a feature I REALLY like.
4. Students can use it from home.
5. There’s a public area for teachers where we can communicate with other twiducate educators through chat or threaded posts. This is not available to students.
6. Students can belong to multiple classes; they just need a class code for each class.
7. A full toolbar is available for creating posts that includes changing font style, color, type, centering, etc.
8. It’s EASY to set up a class – just type in first names and passwords.
9. To log in, students use their class code and password.
10. Teacher chooses the class code.

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